Whether it's an existing system or a new investment, a precise analysis of the customer's needs is just as important as comprehensive advice, so that your company gets the system it really needs.

We focus on the structural conditions as well as on the special technical requirements resulting from your production and your grid connection.

Based on these findings, we will advise you in detail on which system you need to achieve even better results - both qualitatively and economically.


Planning, construction and installation

Every high-current system we design is unique - after all, so is your company.

Which components should your system definitely have? Which special features must be taken into account? Which mistakes must be avoided at all costs? Together with you, we work out the most important factors for your individual system, which is precisely tailored to the needs of your business.

The following steps are necessary for the perfect customised power electronics supply:

  • Calculation and specification of the power converter transformers
  • Design, construction and manufacture of the high-current rectifier
  • Design and programming of the control and regulation cabinet in compliance with the required SIL level requirements
  • Calculation and specification of the converter cooling systems and other ancillary equipment such as DC disconnectors, current measurement, etc.
  • Calculation and engineering for high-current interconnections from the rectifier to the electrolysis system

We take care of all the necessary steps for you, from the first sketches to on-site installation and commissioning.



For a quick and smooth integration of the new plant into your overall operation, we naturally also offer the commissioning of our plant on site. In parallel, we recommend the familiarisation and training of your staff so that you can also fully utilise the potential of your plant.


Maintenance and repair

We know: Your plant must function smoothly at all times in order to avoid downtimes and the resulting costs.

Daher ist die Instandhaltung aller Komponenten essenziell. Gerne übernehmen wir die regelmäßige Wartung und den Austausch von Verschleißteilen Ihrer Anlage vor Ort. Aber auch im Notfall sind wir für Sie da und sorgen für eine fTherefore, the maintenance of all components is essential. We are happy to take care of the regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts of your system on site. But we are also there for you in case of an emergency and ensure a professional and quick repair by our qualified staff. On request, of course, also for systems that were not designed by us!


Studies and analysis

In addition to our service portfolio, we offer studies and analyses for new construction projects and existing plants. Furthermore, we are happy to support you in specialist topics that are related to electrolysis, such as the design of insulating sections in process engineering or hazard assessments in your electrolysis plant.


Whether existing plant or
new investment,

a precise analysis of the customer's needs is just as important as comprehensive advice to ensure that your company gets the system it really needs.